Leighton and Penn’s lips. They really enjoyed kissing each other.

Leighton and Penn’s lips. They really enjoyed kissing each other.

the only thing lamer than dating dan humphrey is mourning dan humphrey.

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Anonymous said: Why do you hate Chair? I've never gotten far with watching Gossip Girl, but I know the basics. So why do you hate that ship?


Okay so, I liked Chuck and Blair in the early seasons but I did really notice that they were toxic from S1. After I started shipping Dair and saw all the issues with CB it made me a lot more aware of media representation and feminism. 


actual line in S1 Chuck to Blair: "you’re like one of the Arabians my father used to own rode hard and put away wet". At the end of s1 he leaves her for another girl after promising to go to Europe with her.

Chuck continually treats the relationship as a game. Blair says she loves him and he totally refuses to say it back and rejects her saying  it’s too bad.

Then Chuck basically prostitutes Blair for a hotel like they’ve said in canon he “traded her for a hotel” so that’s horrible and toxic (He makes a deal that his uncle can sleep with her if he gives him his hotel back)

In 3x18 Blair clearly says she’s not happy with Chuck, so reason #2 I don’t ship it she’s not happy

THEN Chuck sleeps with a devastated 16 year old girl (he’s 18+) in what is clearly dubcon and then goes back to Blair without telling her he cheated (and Blair blames the girl, again really misogynistic plot-lines)

and idk then chuck has amnesia for a half season and he’s actually a better person without blair so it’s better for him too? But Blair screws up his relationship so he promises to ruin her life and take everything away from her

after that fiasco they make up but it’s clear that the relationship is always good for Chuck and bad for Blair Blair loses her job and stuff so they break up

she starts having a relationship with Dan sort of Chuck calls him basically poor and therefore not worthy of her, he’s intensely class-ist. then she gets with this prince Louis. and Chuck gets drunk and literally hits her with glass in an incident that I continue to see as domestic abuse 

Also Blair repeatedly says Chuck brings out her dark/bad side and ultimately chooses Chuck because he makes her feel vulnerable and he devastated her but also apparently made her happy which is disproved by the aforementioned quote in 3x18, where she clearly stated, “Chuck and I aren’t happy” and also 4x20 when she said, "Louis made me happy. Happy. Do you know the last time I felt joy? Chuck had brought me into his darkness for so long, I’d forgotten what that felt like.”

Ultimately they get married because CHUCK WOULD GO TO JAIL OTHERWISE in basically a shotgun wedding that Blair would never want. And before that in s6 he makes her wait for him because after everything his business is still more important apparently.

I’d actually recommend watching THIS..it’s a Chuck/Blair vs. Dan/Blair video but it shows a lot of the toxic parts of the ship.

So reasons I hate it: 1. it’s toxic 2. it doesn’t make Blair happy and I want Blair to be happy. I think it’s just a disgusting treatment of women and a disgusting portrayal of a romantic relationship and I really hope girls who watched it weren’t influenced to seek that kind of romance.

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Remember that time when Dan Humphrey was so sure Blair Waldorf would never actually see him as anything more than a friend so when she shows up at his loft he automatically assumes she’s back with Chuck, but then she gives him a ‘no’ that borders the line of incredulity because why would he think she was there because of that? And then Dan Humphrey blinks in confusion because he certainly can not and will not believe that she’s there for THAT reason and he actually sighs because holy shit, could it be that there’s a teeny, tiny possibility that she might like him too? And her smile and slight eyebrow raise is almost screaming “Yes, idiot. I do like you too. God, Humphrey, do I really need to be this obvious? Fine. Look at my glowing face looking back at you. Is that a sign that could possibly mean anything to you?” and then the entire Dair fandom died that day ^^

Leighton Meester spotted at Penn’s band concert
(aka M o t h e r band ;) 

Aug 5 2014

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dair + text posts

Let’s not do it again some time.

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Penn and Leighton with fans outside Of Mice and Men: July 23 2014


Penn and Leighton with fans outside Of Mice and Men: July 23 2014


get to know me [2/10 pairings]

"Dan’s my best friend and when we’re together it’s great. I feel strong and safe."

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